Charge Your Fleet


SEE EV DC Charger for fleets

Go Green. Do it Smarter.

At SEE Chargers, we don't just sell fleet charging stations. We help bridge the gap between fleet managers and eco-driven departments to find a solution that everyone is on board with. Don't go electric because it's the cool thing to do—go electric because it makes sense for your business. 

We help you:

  • Evaluate & Optimize Your Grid's Infrastructure

    Operate without risking failure.

  • Manage Warehouse & Yard Energy Operations

    Spread capacity to where it's needed.

  • Reduce Your Overall Utility Costs

    Become more efficient with your energy management. 

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Frills

    Don't pay for features you don't need.

  • Tailor Solutions to Your Business

    Going green can make good financial sense.

  • Analyze Your Fleet Utilization

    Identify opportunities for greater efficiency.


Dual port models with intelligent prioritization.

Benefits for Fleets

  • Manage and minimize electric costs of EV fueling

  • Maximize the EV fleet size that can be supported by existing grid infrastructure

  • Minimize the infrastructure upgrades required when they are unavoidable

Key Features

  • Output voltage range from 150VDC to 1000VDC for all EVs

  • Each unit charges two vehicles simultaneously

  • Quick and easy installation

60+ Years in Fleet Charging

SEE Chargers are a product of Stanbury Electrical Engineering, a pioneer in providing electronic solutions for industrial applications. Our ever-growing expertise in battery technology, charger applications, product design, and supply chain logistics makes our team an ideal partner for businesses looking to expand their electric vehicle fleet operations.